Saturday, April 23, 2011

EX Year 6 - Food Preservation

a) What is the aim of this investigation?

b) Write an observation and a reason based on the condition of fish P and fish Q after three days.

Observation :

Reason :

c) State one observation that can support your reason in (b)

d) Based on this investigation, state the following :-

i) what is kept the same :
ii) what is changed :
iii) what is observed :

e) What you have found out from this investigation ?

3. The following information shows the steps in the canning of pineapples

� Pineapple is cut into cubes
� Pineapple cubes are placed in a can
� Pineapple juice and sugar are added
� The can is heated to remove air
� The can is closed tightly

a) What is the purpose of canning the pineapples?

b) State a reason to remove the air from the van by heating it.

c) Name other two types of food that can be preserved by canning


d) Pineapples can also be preserved by vacuum-packing. Explain this method of food preservation.

e) Name other two types of food that can be preserved by vacuum-packing.

4. Diagram below shows two types of fruits that are collected by Pak Hassan in large quantity from his orchard.

a) What should Pak Hassan do to the fruits so that he can enjoy the fruits for a longer time?

b) Explain your answer in (a)

c) Name another food that can be preserved by pickling

d) Give three reasons why we need to preserve food.


e) State a reason why soldiers who are in combat carry preserved food only?